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Commendations awarded to distinguished reviewers


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Article E. Commendations awarded to distinguished reviewers. Journal of «Almaz – Antey» Air and Space Defence Corporation. 2019;(1):4-5.

On January 25, 2019 General Director of the Corporation signed administrative order No. 17 on awarding the Commendation to the most dis­tinguished specialists of the Corporation’s enter­prises and those from outside organizations who took an active part in reviewing the articles of the scientific and technical journal of “Almaz - Antey” Air and Space Defence Corporation.

In 2018, over 100 articles were submitted to the journal, each of them undergoing a double­blind review. Most part of this demanding job was done by 24 experts, whose professionalism ensured high level of the journal’s publications:

Balov Anatoliy Vasilyevich, Leading Spe­cialist in “RIRT” JSC;

Borovitsky Dmitry Sergeevich, Leading Research Fellow in “RIRT” JSC;

Blagovsky Oleg Valerievich, Head of Sec­tor in “UMZ” JSC;

Gvozdarev Roman Sergeevich, Head of Sec­tor in “LEMZ” Division of PJSC ALMAZ R&P Corp.;

Dus Tatyana Eduardovna, Head of Bureau in “Saturn” PJCS;

Ezersky Vladimir Vasilyevich, Deputy General Director for Research and Development in “NII PS” JSC;

Kuznetsov Pavel Sergeevich, Deputy Head of Department in “GosNIIP” JSC;

Levikhin Artem Alekseevich, Head of Department in Baltic State Technical University “VOENMEH” named after D. F. Ustinov;

Ivanov Aleksandr Mikhailovich, Head of Laboratory in “Kometa” Corporation” JSC;

Ivanov Sergey Nikolayevich, Leading Designer in “Kazanskoye OKB “Soyuz” JSC;

Nagornykh Ivan Leonidovich, Deputy Head of Science and Technology Department in “IEMZ “Kupol” JSC;

Naumov Sergey Vladimirovich, Head of Civil Products Development Department in “CNIRTI named after academician A. Berg” JSC;

Okulov Roman Aleksandrovich, Design Engineer in “UPP “Vektor” JSC;

Panfilov Sergey Vladimirovich, Chief Spe­cialist in “KBSM” JSC;

Pleshanova Yulia Andreevna, Deputy Head of Department in “NPO SM” JSC;

Samokhina Elena Aleksandrovna, Design Engineer of the 3rd category in “OKB “Novatof’ JSC;

Svirina Anastasiya Gennadyevna, Leading Software Engineer in “Ryazan Production and Technological Enterprise “Granit” JSC;

Sychushkin Ivan Vyacheslavovich, Leading Engineer in “FNPC NNIIRT” JSC;

Telyakov Rifat Faridovich, Deputy Head of Computation and Research Department in “KBSM” JSC;

Timasheva Tatyana Gennadyevna, Leading Engineer in “Radiofizika” PJSC;

Fedorov Dmitry Aleksandrovich, Head of Laboratory in “KBSM” JSC;

Filimonov Vyacheslav Ivanovich, Head of Bureau in “UMZ” JSC;

Fridman Leonid Borisovich, Senior Re­searcher in “VNIIRA” JSC;

Shcheglov Dmitry Konstantinovich, Head of Section in “KBSM” JSC.

We are grateful to all members of the editorial board for their involvement in the jour­nal-making activities and efforts for improve­ment of the published material quality. We look forward to fruitful cooperation in the future.

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For citations:

Article E. Commendations awarded to distinguished reviewers. Journal of «Almaz – Antey» Air and Space Defence Corporation. 2019;(1):4-5.

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