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Following the world trends


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Редакция научно-технического журнала «Вестник Концерна ВКО “Алмаз – Антей”» постоянно изучает и использует современные методы продвижения в Интернете.

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Bolshakov D.Yu. Following the world trends. Journal of «Almaz – Antey» Air and Space Defence Corporation. 2020;(1):7-9.

Starting from this issue of the scientific and technical journal of “Almaz - Antey” Air and Space Defence Corporation, the scientific papers are assigned an identifier - the so-called DOI. The DOI (.digital object identifier) is a standard for marking information about an object available on the Internet. An object can be an online publication or part of it (book, book chapter, paper), an element (figure, table, formula, etc.), audio and video content, a dataset and database, a material object (DVD, paper book). The DOI is a link (URL) to the permanent location of an object or information about it (metadata) on the Web. The DOI is aiming to become a compulsory element and a standard of contemporary scientific publications, providing permanent access to scientific information and account of cross-citations1.

For the journal’s authors it means that metadata on the papers will be better indexed by the search systems for obtaining the required information about a publication.

Assigning a DOI to publications is customary in the English speaking environment, i. e., the journal content will be more readily available for search engines in the worldwide scientific community.

The global community is already provided with a possibility to become familiar with the works of our authors, as since 2015 the journal has been placed on the Corporation’s website for free access. A diagram of downloads distribution between the readers in the Russian Federation and other countries is given in Fig. 1.

As seen from the diagram, the bulk of 87 % of journal articles’ downloads falls on the Russian Federation, but a hefty 13 % accounts for other states as well.

A diagram of the dynamics of downloads by other states is given in Fig. 2.

As seen from Fig. 2, in more than 50 % of cases on average articles are downloaded through search engines, with the total number of journal articles’ downloads by scientists from abroad being over 2000. Downloading from the search systems means that it is through them (e. g.,, the foreign readers look for information, downloading articles by links featured in the search results. The bar chart in Fig. 2 also demonstrates that on the whole there is a trend for an increase in the downloads of the articles. It proves that the interest towards the journal in other countries is constantly growing.

The total number of foreign states where the journal articles have been downloaded is 54. Their geography is given in an illustration above the title of this item (green - the most downloading countries, red - the least downloading ones). Distribution of the countries downloading articles from the journal is given in Fig. 3 in the form of a name cloud. The more frequently encountered article-downloading countries are indicated by larger font size.

Fig. 3. Countries downloading articles from the journal

The journal also has its steady foreign subscribers to the electronic version, i. e., those who provided their electronic address and joined the mailing list at the Corporation’s website. There are 25 such people, living in 14 countries of the world: Belarus, Vietnam, India, Kyrgyzstan, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, the United States, Turkey, Ukraine, Finland, France, Sweden. The average opening rate of a mailout by the foreign readers is 52 %, with the average clickability equalling 27 %, which roughly corresponds to the average levels of clickability and opening by all subscribers of the journal (55 and 21 %, respectively2).

The editorial team of the scientific and technical journal of “Almaz - Antey” Air and Space Defence Corporation is permanently studying and using up-to-date methods of promotion on the Web.

We are open for dialogue with our readers. Please send your proposals concerning expansion of journal distribution, promotion on the Internet, social media and international reference databases, improvement of quality and content to the Editorial Office’s mailbox:


2. Bolshakov D. Yu. Our readers // Journal of “Almaz – Antey” Air and Space Defence Corporation. 2019. No. 4. P. 4–6.

About the Author

D. Yu. Bolshakov
“Almaz – Antey” Air and Space Defence Corporation, JSC

Cand. Sci. (Engineering), Head of Department


For citations:

Bolshakov D.Yu. Following the world trends. Journal of «Almaz – Antey» Air and Space Defence Corporation. 2020;(1):7-9.

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