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Terms of articles review

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Bolshakov D.Yu. Terms of articles review. Journal of «Almaz – Antey» Air and Space Defence Corporation. 2020;(2):4-5.

Starting from 2020, an article published in the journal includes information on the date of its submission, review, approval and publication, and authors have an opportunity to track the time of manuscripts review.

The date of publication coincides with the journal issue date, and the date of approval - with the date of positive opinion sent by the last reviewer. Editorial office often sends an article for review to several reviewers, therefore the reviewer who sends the opinion the last is taken into account. The number of reviewers per article is determined based on the complexity of a manuscript and editorial office workload. Fig. 1 shows a ratio diagram of reviewers vs. articles submitted during the last two years (2018-2020).

The diagram shown in Fig. 1 demonstrates that in one third of the cases one reviewer was appointed for an article. In 62 % of the cases, there were two reviewers or more. For example, the article on mechanics and thermal physics was sent to experts in the corresponding field. Articles with incorrect text borrowings weren’t sent for review (0 reviewers), or were returned without review by the authors request.

A piece of work that required no modification received reviewer’s approval within two weeks on average (Fig. 2, green diagram). This Figure also shows the number of articles submitted to the journal and the number of appointed reviewers.

In 35 % of the cases, the reviewers gave positive opinion for an article in 2018-2020. Consideration of reviewer’s comments by the author leads to an increase in time the editorial office reviews an article, since after improvements the article is sent to reviewer once more for checking compliance with the comments (time period between article “review” and “approval”). Thereby, the time of publication doesn’t refer to a reviewer decision.

Fig. 3 shows the standardized time diagram of a manuscript review by reviewers during the last two years.

The time diagram shown in Fig. 3 demonstrates that articles review time remained unchanged during 2019-2020, although the number of submitted articles has increased by 27 % during this period, hence the number of reviewers involved also increased. The diagram also demonstrates that 75 % of articles were reviewed within two weeks.

Fig. 4 shows the time of submitted articles review before making a decision on publication.

The diagram shown in Fig. 4 demonstrates that during the last two years the proportion of a two-months period of articles review was increased by 8 % (to 70 %). While the proportion of a seven-months period of articles review was reduced by seven times in 2019-2020.

Editorial office of the scientific and technical journal of “Almaz - Antey” Air and Space Defence Corporation is continually looking for new reviewers to accelerate expert assessment of submitted articles.

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D. Yu. Bolshakov
АО «Концерн ВКО «Алмаз – Антей»
Russian Federation


For citations:

Bolshakov D.Yu. Terms of articles review. Journal of «Almaz – Antey» Air and Space Defence Corporation. 2020;(2):4-5.

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