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Addressing authors’ needs

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Bolshakov D.Yu. Addressing authors’ needs. Journal of «Almaz – Antey» Air and Space Defence Corporation. 2020;(3):4-5.

From 2011 to 2020, 611 unique authors published their works in the Journal. The analysis has shown that 73 % of them can be divided into three large categories: post-graduate students, research fel­lows, and university professors.

When addressing the authors’ needs, the editorial office finds an optimum variant of coope­ration in publishing the article. For example, post-graduate students typically need their works to be published within the shortest possible time frame. In 2020, the Journal’s editorial office:

  • reviewed 9 out of 10 submitted articles within 2 weeks;
  • published 7 out of 10 submitted articles within 3 months.

The following was accomplished for re­search fellows who need an appropriate platform for communicating the results of their studies to interested readers:

  • a new website was created for the Journal and, starting from October 2020, the translated English version of the Journal is being uploaded there;
  • 2.2 reviewers are appointed per article, which ensures selection of high-quality materials.

All necessary reporting tools are offered to university professors:

  • for 9 out of 10 submitted manuscripts, a certificate of article acceptance for publication is issued within 2 weeks;
  • nine professions from the HAC list;
  • DOI for every article;
  • adding the information about the author in the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI).

It should be noted that such editorial policy facilitates engagement of post-graduate students in the Journal activities and has enabled to exceed twofold the relation between researchers in this category existing in Russia today (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1. The relation between post-graduate students, research fellows, and university professors: a) Journal’s authors; b) Rosstat data (all Russian researchers)

Figure 1 demonstrates that the Journal’s authors are mainly research fellows and the data on post-graduate students allow to argue that the methods applied by the editorial office make pub­lication easier for young scientists.

The editorial office carries on a dialogue with the authors to identify their current needs. Thus, in July 2020, a poll was held via email regarding the new website to determine the Jour­nal version most convenient for meeting the needs of authors and readers (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2. Results of the email poll among Journal’s authors and readers

As Figure 2 demonstrates, almost half of the respondents voted for the PDF version of the Journal. At the same time, almost a quarter of the subscribers voted for the HTML version and 28 % were in favour of both versions. That is why the editorial office took into account all the distribu­tion options, so both PDF and HTML versions of the Journal will be distributed via email.

We are open for dialogue with our readers. Please send your proposals concerning expansion ofjournal distribution, promotion on the Internet, social media and international reference databases, improvement of the quality of reviews, and con­tent to the email:

About the Author

D. Yu. Bolshakov
“Almaz – Antey” Air and Space Defence Corporation Joint Stock Company
Russian Federation

Cand. Sci. (Engineering), Head of Department


For citation:

Bolshakov D.Yu. Addressing authors’ needs. Journal of «Almaz – Antey» Air and Space Defence Corporation. 2020;(3):4-5.

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