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Commendations awarded to distinguished reviewers


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Commendations awarded to distinguished reviewers. Journal of «Almaz – Antey» Air and Space Defence Corporation. 2021;(1):6-7.


In 2020, over one hundred papers were submitted to the scientific and technical Journal of “Almaz – Antey” Air and Space Defence Corporation, each one undergoing a double “blind” reviewing. Most part of this demanding job was done by 38 experts, whose professionalism ensured high level of the journal’s publications. On January 25, 2021 General Director of the Corporation signed administrative order No. 22 on awarding the Commendation to the most distinguished specialists of the Corporation’s system and those from outside organisations who took an active part in the paper reviewing activities:

  • Balov Anatoly Vasilyevich, Leading Expert, “RIRV” JSC;
  • Blagovsky Oleg Valerievich, Head of Sector, “UMZ” JSC;
  • Vilmitsky Dmitry Sergeyevich, Head of Research and Special Study Division, “NPO NIIIP-NZiK” JSC;
  • Vostrov Dmitry Olegovich, 2nd Category Engineer, Novator Design Bureau JSC;
  • Vysotskaya Svetlana Abdulmyanafovna, Leading Designer, “Kazanskoye OKB “Soyuz” JSC;
  • Gamayunova Tatyana Viktorovna, Head of Department, “FNPC “NNIIRT” JSC;
  • Gromov Dmitry Sergeyevich, Head of Department, “KBSM” JSC;
  • Zheglov Maksim Aleksandrovich, General Designer in Discipline, “GosNIIP” JSC;
  • Zotov Aleksandr Viktorovich, Expert of the 1st rank on low current systems, “KMP” JSC;
  • Ivanov Aleksandr Mikhailovich, Head of Laboratory, “Kometa” Corporation” JSC;
  • Ivanov Sergey Nikolayevich, Leading Designer, “Kazanskoye OKB “Soyuz” JSC;
  • Isakov Mikhail Aleksandrovich, Chief Specialist, “70th Anniversary of Victory Nizhny Novgorod Plant” JSC;
  • Karavayev Yaroslav Sergeyevich, Head of Bureau, Moscow Mechanical Engineering Plant “AVANGARD” JSC;
  • Koytov Stanislav Anatolievich, Deputy Head of Design Department, OKB “Novator” JSC;
  • Komyagin Roman Vyacheslavovich, Head of Department, NPO “Almaz” PJSC;
  • Kondrashov Vladimir Vladimirovich, Head of Sector, Deputy Head of Microelectronics Complex for Engineering and Technology, “Strela”, R&P Corp. PJSC;
  • Kuznetsov Pavel Sergeyevich, Deputy Head of Department, “GosNIIP” JSC;
  • Levikhin Artem Alekseevich, Head of Department, Baltic State Technical University “VOENMEH”;
  • Matyugin Sergey Nikandrovich, Head of Sector, FNPC “NNIIRT” JSC;
  • Nagornykh Ivan Leonidovich, Deputy Head of Science and Technology Department, IEMZ “Kupol” JSC;
  • Okulov Roman Aleksandrovich, Design Engineer, UPP “Vektor” JSC;
  • Panfilov Sergey Vladimirovich, Chief Specialist, “Tyazhmash” JSC;
  • Paramonova Aleksandra Alekseyevna, Senior Researcher, “Strela”, R&P Corp. PJSC;
  • Ponomarev Oleg Pavlovich, Deputy General Designer for Scientific and Technical Development – General Designer, UPP “Vektor” JSC;
  • Ratynsky Mikhail Vladimirovich, Head of Sector, “VNIIRT” JSC;
  • Samokhina Elena Aleksandrovna, 2nd Category Design Engineer, OKB “Novator” JSC;
  • Safin Nail Ramazanovich, Leading Design Engineer, “MZiK” PJSC;
  • Svirina Anastasiya Gennadyevna, Associate Professor, Department of Information Systems and Technologies, Moscow State University of Technology and Management named after K.G. Razumovsky;
  • Sinani Anatoly Isakovich, Deputy General Director for Research Work, General Designer, “NIIP named after V.V. Tikhomirov” JSC;
  • Sychushkin Ivan Vyacheslavovich, Leading Engineer, FNPC “NNIIRT” JSC;

We are grateful to all members of the editorial board for their involvement in the journalmaking activities and efforts for improvement of the published material quality. We look forward to fruitful cooperation in the future.

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Commendations awarded to distinguished reviewers. Journal of «Almaz – Antey» Air and Space Defence Corporation. 2021;(1):6-7.

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